Literary Musings

The Gist of This

I specialize in fantasy fiction for the young adult and I have six novels in various stages of completion. One is about 93% done (I’m just afraid to ask someone else to proofread it for me) four of them are just rough drafts and the most recent is about five pages of outlining.

My only drawback is that I have a tendency to finish writing something and want to start writing something else instead of editing the first. Plus I’m afraid to show my novels to other people because, like many, I fear rejection. So my hopes are that writing shorter fanfiction pieces means I can still use my writing talents, and get reviews/critiques of my writing along the way, but I will also have time to edit those novels on the back burners. It is by no means easy to craft a truly awesome work of fanfiction but at least someone else has done all the world building for me. I just get to play with their characters.

So reads my author profile where I’ve posted several stories. But what I want to do here is different and inspired by the Twitter Fiction Festival which I submitted an idea for though I think I’m overreaching and will need more than the five days the festival takes place over.

My idea: Create a Twitter persona, update her statuses in an almost novel like form, consolidate them here on this blog, and then create a huge fanfiction story about it back at

The story: Hermione Granger falls asleep in the Hogwarts library. When she wakes up she’s in District 3 in Panem, just weeks before the 74th Hunger Games.

Twitter Handle: Hermione Granger @PanemHermione

Fanfiction Profile: Leprechaun’s Fairy



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