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When I looked over the suggestions for the Twitter Fiction Festival I saw the emphasis on new and innovative ways to use social media, which is what sparked the idea that I’ll put into motion either during the Festival in March if I’m approved or before if I get denied. So here’s a little more information about my idea than what I posted about in my introduction.

The idea I came up with is to combine Twitter, this blog, and my account to kind of experiment with what people prefer (short bursts of information like on Twitter or more drawn out paragraphs like what I’ll showcase in my fanfiction stories.) I can see how well it pans out based on how many likes, retweets, and follows on Twitter and how many more page views I get on my fanfiction account.

Like I explained earlier the setup for the story is that Hermione Granger from the world of Harry Potter somehow ends up in Panem, the world of the Hunger Games. Her wand is confiscated but she doesn’t want to expose her magic until she knows exactly how to get home. What does work is her smart phone and it will still connect to Panem’s Internet thought it won’t work as an actual phone. That means she cannot call anyone from her world but she is able to Tweet about her experiences until she figures out the best way to get home. Things become especially difficult when the 74th Hunger Games are announced and Hermione becomes in a way she never could have imagined.

How I plan to go about everything is simple but also ridiculously complicated at the same time. I’ll craft Tweets that “Hermione” (my Twitter alter-ego PanemHermione) will be sending out. At that point I may or not answer questions or take suggestions from any followers, depending on if they can be answered in character or fit into the basic plotline I’m aiming for. After a certain amount of Tweets I’ll consolidate them on this blog so that if anyone catches a random Tweet and wants to catch up in an easier way they can. These Tweets will create a basic outline with all the important bits of the story but it won’t be fleshed out until later when I create a more descriptive fanfiction.

It’s still up into the air as to whether I’ll write and update the fanfiction while Hermione is sending new Tweets or whether I’ll do all the Tweeting and then post the fanfiction after all the Tweets are done. That will all depend on how big this project becomes once I officially start.


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