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The First Annual Tweeting Fanfiction Experiment Has Begun

You remember how way back when at the beginning of the year I promised you all an interesting look at how one can link various forms of social media to create a story? Well it’s about that time and as a lovely Easter gift to anyone who is paying attention to this blog, my PanemHermione Twitter account, or my alter ego today is the official start to my TwitterFiction/fanfiction/blog experiment!

I have completed my fanfiction story, a crossover between the worlds of Harry Potter and the Hunger Games, and will start posting full chapters under my fanfiction penname, Leprechaun’sFairy, within the next few weeks. I of course need to do some extensive editing (since I’ll have to not only just check my spelling and word choice but also fact check information from both the Harry Potter world as well as the Hunger Games world) and then the posting can begin!

In the meantime I’m going to start Tweeting from the perspective of Hermione Granger, a Harry Potter character who through the course of my story, gets stuck in the world of Panem from the Hunger Games. Originally I had planned on having the story, basically word for word and line by line, appear first as Tweets and then shifted over to to see how many more people I can reach with the use of the two websites (three if you also include the blog).

But now I’m going to do it a bit differently and although in my story Hermione won’t actually be shown sending out Tweets (she will have a phone and technically be capable of it) but my Twitter account for her will be the Tweets she may have sent out during her adventures if she had chosen to do so. So while the fanfiction story and the Twitter account will both follow the same story most lines from the Twitter account won’t directly be in the full story. I will however, compile all the Tweets here and let you know when I update the fanfiction account.

Twitter Handle: Hermione Granger @PanemHermione

Fanfiction Profile: Leprechaun’s Fairy

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