Literary Musings

A Few Changes

Not that I’m certain I have any avid followers but I thought I should address the change for those of you who have read the few entries from when this blog was called “Tweeting Fanfiction.” So here goes. Anyone who read the original blog knows that it stemmed from an idea of an experiment to see if creating a blog and a faux Twitter account would help my fanfiction reader count. But it all became too much.

Trying to maintain that fake Twitter account and keep it up to date so I could post a new fanfiction each week was hard enough (there were too many questions I kept asking myself…should I update it in real time or all at once, etc.) and I was actually on the verge of deleting the PanemHermione Twitter account just a few minutes ago. Then I logged on and found that a few people were actually following the account to learn more about the fanfiction, even Tweeting at me about enjoying the story, so I did not. But trying to do all of the above and then translate it all over here into a blog like I had originally planned was just too much.

(Has this every happened to you? You’ve gotten this idea and then it becomes bigger and bigger and it could have been amazing but now it’s too big and out of control and you can’t handle it anymore?”

So instead this has become the place where I will write and complain about anything writing related be it writing fanfiction, novels, editing, or the hassles of finding an agent or publisher (though I haven’t done the last thing I know I’ll get around to it eventually).

But if you are interested in the Harry Potter/Hunger Games fanfiction mentioned in earlier posts the story is currently about halfway through its postings and can be found over at

My fanfiction author profile:


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