Literary Musings

Book Series That Needs to End

There are two book series that I think need to end and those are the Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepard and the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich.

I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to rant a little bit about both of these book series because oh my goodness have they went on far too long! (And series like these are part of the reason why I’d be afraid to wish that a book series I love would go on for longer. Just like with TV shows, what starts off as a fresh new idea can very easily lose its steam).

First of all, the Pretty Little Liars series. Yes I am far from the target audience for the series but what can I say? The ABC Family show got me hooked into the teenage drama concerning four friends and the manipulative friend that had supposedly went missing and then wound up supposedly dead. (No direct spoilers here, not this time!)

And the books were a quick and easy read with just enough unbelievable suspense to keep me interested. Then what was an interesting premise turned so convoluted and what do you know? The “my book series is now a TV show so I have to milk it for all I can” bug hit and then what could have been a decent four book series added in another mildly entertaining four book arc. At that point I was hopeful that it would just end already because it was already starting to get too crazy, too ridiculous but it did not. Now, in the late spring of 2014 (nearly eight years after the first book was published) there are still two books in the sixteen book series left! It’s too much and I’m half tempted not to even bother with them but I’m sure I will (though they will be borrowed from the library and not bought).

Now onwards to poor poor Stephanie Plum. Within months of working at a library I knew how very popular Janet Evanovich’s books were what with the amount of people that wanted to be placed on hold for her books pretty much as soon as they were released. So, having decided to branch out from my normal repertoire, I thought I’d give them a shot. I immediately loved them! Stephanie was flawed, kind of hopeless and wandering, with a love of baked goods and hot men. The bounty hunter world was interesting. The books were quick reads and sometimes very funny. And then after a few books I realized something. Every single book is the same.

I was hoping that after awhile Stephanie would show some growth but even in the most recent book I read (I think it was the fifteenth which means I still have more than six books to read that are currently published and who knows how many expected to be released) that hasn’t happened yet. What one can expect from the books are the following: Stephanie will chase after a skip and end up getting shot at/covered in some disgusting substance/fall on her face or ass, anywhere between one and six cars will be destroyed, Stephanie will have sex or make out with either Ranger or Morelli or both, her grandmother and friend Lula will shoot at somebody. And even though all the above things happen Stephanie still hasn’t bothered to really learn how to defend herself which would be smart since by this point I think she’s been targeted by no less than four murderers.

It just makes me wonder why authors think they need to overkill things and how authors manage to sell books even though they literally tell the exact same story over and over again. I mean come on, I have new ideas! I have fresh ideas! Can I be published maybe?


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