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Mockingjay Trailer

I’ve decided something. This is my blog so I think it is my right to rant about things on occasion, but since this blog does have a theme I am only going to rant about things to do with books and writing. So I’m thinking that movies based on said books should be allowed. Let’s just go with that, okay?

One of my friends, one who went with me to see Catching Fire back in November, knew I’d been waiting for the release of the trailer for Mockingjay so she posted it on my Facebook wall. I watched the teaser trailer several times yesterday and, of course, had to look at the comments about it because I thought it was amazing. I was surprised to see so many people complaining! So surprised that I even created a Facebook status about it. That status read as follows:

Personally I think the new Mockingjay teaser trailer is perfect even though it doesn’t give much insight into the movie like people expect a teaser trailer to do (I saw complaints around the interwebs). That’s kind of the point of the promo and is a major point in the books/movies themselves. In Panem the Capitol controls the media…at least until Beetee gets involved.

(That was a pretty insightful post for a late night Facebook status, don’t you think?)

Because it’s so true. I actually like that they chose to promote it like that. If you’ve read the books or even just watched the movies you should understand that the power of the Capitol to influence the media is so very prevalent that that is how the rebellion is really fought for the first half of the book. The Districts in Panem really only get their news from the Capitol so that’s why Thirteen keeps fighting to interrupt the broadcasts with some of their own, with symbols of the Mockingjay, because they want the Districts to know their side of the story. 

So bravo to the makers of that teaser trailer. Instead of catering to the expectations of the masses you created something that perfectly reflects the spirit of the books your movie is based on.  


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