Literary Musings

Writer Problems: Too Many Ideas

I’ve realized over the years that I work better when I set myself writing goals so that’s what I’ve been doing since the beginning of the year, making a list in my monthly planner of what I’d like to accomplish during each month be it writerly goals or otherwise. Sometimes I struggle to reach those goals while other times I fly by my goals. Last month I struggled, not exactly meeting my June goals until quite a few hours into July (but I counted it as meeting my June goal in the hopes I’ll be able to overcompensate in July).

So one evening last week I was happily writing along, going back and forth between working on a fanfiction piece and one of my unfinished novels (unfinished in this instance meaning not fully written…other blog posts may mention an unfinished novel that is written but not edited enough for any attempts to publish; confusing I know). I work better when I hand write things before I type them (plus hand writing and then typing gives me a chance for a first edit) and I had just counted up how many lines I’d written so far this month and was happy to discover I was ahead on both projects. Minutes after discovering that happy little fact an idea niggled its way into my head. The best and worst possible idea at a time like this.

The idea for another new novel!

Why is that both good and bad at the same time you may ask? It’s good because I always have to have something to write but sometimes coming up with a place to start is the hardest part. It’s bad because I already have three epic fanfiction ideas to work on, two completed novels to edit, and two half finished novels! And when I get an idea I want to work on it right away, naming characters and doing research, but with everything else going on I can’t.

(Well I probably could but then it would mean I’d have another half finished novel which is never good because it’s so hard to get back into something after I’ve put it on hiatus for months or years. Believe me, it’s happened before and it’s awful. If you can I suggest you always finish a project even if you finish it horribly. At least you’ll have an idea of what you wanted to do with it instead of having to figure it out all over again because the outline you wrote years ago doesn’t make any sense anymore).

That’s where I am, and have been since last week, too full of ideas. At times like this I wish something would fall into place and I could just be a full time author.


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