Literary Musings

Playing With History

I have written, outlined, and jotted thousands of words since I started writing a decade ago. And most of my novel ideas have a certain theme to them.

So here they are in all their vague glory! (Because I am not revealing all my creative details on the internet. Who would pay for a copy of my books, when I hopefully get them published, if all the details are free on my blog?)

Book Idea 1: The book I say is a female version of Lord of the Ring.

Book Idea 2: A book about teenaged mermaids who, during a certain birthday, get to choose whether or not they stay underwater or grow legs.

Book Idea 3: A period piece set in the early 1900’s. Think Titanic meets Twilight only not as cheesy.

Book Idea 4: A story of fairy godmothers and the classes they must take to reach that status.

Book Idea 5: Werewolves and prophecies and a group of young campers who get stuck in the middle of a turf war.

Did you catch the theme? Did you? Obviously it’s fairy tale creatures and epic journeys.

But what is my most recent story idea? A historical/supernatural mix up. Not only do I want to add supernatural elements to a time period that I’d have to research even more in depth than the random movies/internet searches/class work that I’ve already done but I also want to use characters that really existed.

That means I’ll have to do even more research because I know I’ve read historical fiction about people like Anne Boleyn but what things do I have to worry about when I write about someone real? Would someone be offended if I added supernatural elements to a certain time period/situation? I really like my idea, and I already did some research and outlining, but I’m honestly not sure I’m up to the challenge.


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