Short Stories

Father Meets Son’s Girlfriend

Prompt: Write a scene where a father accidently meets his son’s girlfriend for the first time. The son is not present and the girlfriend and father are nearly the same age.

Charles toasted the air and swallowed the shot, his third since he got to the bar ten minutes before. Normally he wouldn’t have been at such an establishment, at least not before noon, but the delivery of his finalized divorced papers had thrown him off.

He checked his watch and was just about to leave when he saw her, a blond vision in wife, so like his wife (ex-wife, he reminded himself) when she was younger and still in love with him. He stumbled over to her before he could really think it through. “Can I buy you a drink, gorgeous?” he slurred as he stepped up behind her.

“No thanks.” She didn’t even turn around to look at him, just continued to flip through her phone. He peered over her shoulder and what he saw made him rush out the door in sudden shame.

On her phone had been a picture of her kissing a young man, a young man who was his son. Charles felt sick when he realized he’d hit on his son’s new girlfriend, the one he’d been bragging about for weeks. “I’m never drinking again,” Charles whispered to no-one.


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