Short Stories

A Date and a Fortune Cookie

Writing Prompt: A woman goes on a first date and her fortune cookie reveals “the man across from you is a murderer.” What happens next?

Carol had been laughing through her whole first date with Max but then she split open her fortune cookie and saw what was written on the tiny slip of paper inside. “Is this a joke?” she asked as she looked back and forth between the fortune and her date. “Am In on one of those hidden camera shows?”                     

Max’s smile was hesitant but he smiled all the same. “We’ve been having such a good time. You think this is a joke?”

“Never mind,” Carol said as she tucked the fortune under her plate. The date was going well, astoundingly well considering the fact that it had been orchestrated by her mother. So she decided that the fortune was just the result of a fortune writer with a morbid sense of humor. “Let’s just get dessert and then you can take me home for some coffee.”

Right after he paid the bill Carol excused herself to visit the restroom and Max lunged. He needed to see the fortune for himself.

The man across from you is a murderer it read, the words written in a deep red. He could feel his face flame bright red in anger but he had it carefully in check by the time Carol returned to the table. “Are you ready, beautiful?” he stood up and offered the lady his arm.

Carol happily took it and let him lead her to the car. The car she didn’t know he’d stolen earlier, the car where the real Max’s body was wedged into the trunk amongst his golf clubs and tennis equipment, the car which would be Carol’s final resting place.

And then he’d have to find where the damn fortune cookie fortune had come from.



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