Short Stories

(A Good) Monster Under the Bed

Writing Prompt: There’s a monster under the bed (good version)

Christie trembled in her bed and clutched her Elmo plushie tight to her chest even though her sister would call her a baby if she saw. But she’d heard a noise, she’d been woken by it in fact, and no matter how many times she insisted she was all grown up (she was twelve after all) she was still terrified.

“Carlie?” she called out. At the sound of her voice the sound stopped but when she was just about to breathe a sigh of relief it started up again, a scratching noise that sounded like it was coming from under her bed.

“Nothing is there, nothing is there,” she chanted. Her older sister, her babysitter for the night, hadn’t responded to her first cry and she didn’t want to embarrass herself even more by continuing to scream.

So when the scratching intensified she took a deep breath, pulled the flashlight out of the drawer in her bedside table, and then slid to the floor.

What she saw made her shout for her sister again. “CARLIE!”

Minutes later, when Carlie finally stalked into the room, Christie was sitting on the floor with the little black and white kitten in her lap. “This was under my bed,” Christie said when Carlie appeared. “Where did it come from?”

“I found her when I walked home from Mary’s house and she just looked so sad and lost and cold but I thought I had her locked up in my room.” Carlie sat down next to her and stroked the kitten’s head. “Do you think mom and dad will be mad?”

“Yes,” Christie said. “But I’ll tell them we need her. I think she’ll help keep the nightmares away.”


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