Short Stories

(A Bad) Monster Under the Bed

Writing Prompt: There’s a monster under the bed (bad version)

Rachel woke up, the terror of her nightmare choking her. “I’m okay, I’m okay,” she chanted to herself and then she blushed wondering if her roommate had heard her. Wouldn’t that be great, if on her first night in her college dorm, her roomie had heard her panic over a silly nightmare?

But then all embarrassment faded when she heard the scratching and the growls coming from under the lofted bed. Rachel froze. Then an idea clicked into place. Her roommate must have heard her panic and was just toying with her. That’s all it was, some prank. “I know it’s you Karen and I’m going to kill you for scaring me.”

Rachel leaned over to flip on her bedside lamp and frowned when not only did it not turn on but her hand came away sticky. It had to be part of the prank, she reasoned. “Really Karen? This is how we’re starting out our roomie relationship?”

Her irritation caused a spark of bravery she hadn’t felt before she slid off her bed, her feet slipping in something that must have been spilled. She felt her way to the light switch and flipped it on. When she fell to her knees in fright her mind was still trying to process the scene.

Blood was splattered everywhere. Karen’s head was on the floor, her leg on one of the chairs, nothing attached to what it should be attached to. And then she noticed the dark figure unfurling from beneath her bed.

She didn’t even have the presence of mind to scream before it lunged.


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