Short Stories

A Fairy Circle

Writing Prompt: A young girl stumbles into a fairy circle.

The music woke Gretchen up from a deep sleep.

At first she wanted to complain, her older sister Janet was always playing far too loud rap music at the oddest of hours, but what she was hearing was nothing like her sister would ever listen. It was sweet, and lilting, and far too beautiful.

But it was also odd that she could hear it in the first place because it seemed to be coming from outside and the window in her bedroom was not open.

It was a mystery she felt like she needed to solve so she quickly slipped out of her bedroom and through the house, not even bothering to grab shoes or a jacket to cover her nightgown.

It only took her a few minutes to reach the edge of her family’s property where the pristine lawn butted up against the woods beyond. That’s when she gasped in surprise.

Underneath the biggest tree in the forest, the one with the branches that were the perfect place to sit with a book, was a fairy circle. At least that’s what her mother had always called the circle of toadstools and apparently her mother had been right.

Fairies and elves danced all around the tree along with other creatures Gretchen recognized but could not remember the name of (the one with the goat body that belonged in Narnia and the bird made of flame from Harry Potter). And she gasped in surprise.

One of the elves rushed forward and pulled her into the circle and Gretchen couldn’t help but dance. She danced and she danced until she felt like her feet were rubbed raw and then she danced some more. And when she was finally too exhausted to even keep her eyes open she sank down onto the forest floor as the music continued around her.

Her eyes didn’t open again until she heard someone screeching her name. “What is it Janet?” she groaned as she rubbed the grit out of her eyes.

“What are you doing out here? Mom went crazy this morning when you weren’t in bed.”

Gretchen looked up and saw Janet standing over her, her sisters arms crossed over her chest and a glare on her face. That’s when she realized she was in the forest and not in her bed like she had thought. “What am I doing out here?”

“That’s what we’d all like to know,” Janet said before turning around. “Mom! I found her!” she shouted.

“I must have sleep walked,” Gretchen said but her sister was already halfway back to the house and too far away to hear. But Gretchen didn’t quite believe it herself. She had never sleep walked before and yet she didn’t remember leaving her bed the night before.

Since there was nothing else she could really do about it (sitting on the cold forest floor wasn’t going to jog her memories) she stood up and went to follow her sister.

She didn’t even notice the fairy asleep in the hollow of the tree right above her head.


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