Short Stories

Waking Up Vampire

Prompt: Carlotta wakes up a vampire.

When Carlotta woke up it was dark and her head was pounding. She was also cold, hungry, and very confused. “What happened last night?” she muttered in what she thought was a whisper so low that no one else (if there was any one else around) would hear.

So she nearly jumped out of her chilled skin when she heard a response.

“You were turned last night my child.”

“Turned into what? Because I feel like a starving human Popsicle.” Carlotta spoke on instinct, her sarcasm masking her sudden fear.

A dim light turned on and highlighted the damp walls of wherever they were but not the speaker. “The thirst is understandable but you are now neither human nor a Popsicle. You are a vampire.”

Carlotta was about to scoff at the delusional disembodied voice but paused. She’d said she was hungry, he’d said she was thirsty and when she thought about it he was right. What else could he be right about?

“Okay, let’s pretend I believe you. What are my special abilities? Can I turn into a bat? Do I burn or sparkle in the sun? Do I have a reflection?”

Whoever was attached to the voice chuckled. “That last question you can answer yourself if you’d just turn around.”

Carlotta spun in confusion. She’d already looked at all the walls when the light flipped on. But then, with a few steps forward in the new direction, she discovered a mirror. She just hadn’t recognized it as such because she hadn’t seen her reflection. “Oh shit.”

“You may have lost the abilities to walk in sunlight without burning or to use your reflection to help prevent stabbing yourself in the eye with a mascara wand but you’ve gained so much more.”

Carlotta was so busy patting herself down that she barely heard the voice. “Cold skin, pointier canines, no heartbeat,” she muttered.

“Better hearing, improved flexibility and speed, healing powers, compulsion…”

“Compulsion?” Carlotta recognized that word from the many Buffy episodes she’d watched over the years. “Like I can control thoughts, make people forget things if I bit them? Or would one bite turn them?”

“The process is far more difficult than that. And here’s a helpful little tid bit. You can use compulsion to force someone to spill their secrets.”

Visions suddenly raced through Carlotta’s head, visions of becoming a vigilante vampire and making the criminals pay in blood.

“This is going to be fun,” Carlotta grinned. “Now let me out of here.”


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