Literary Musings

A Book You Hated

I love to read fiction and will likely try anything that sounds remotely interesting regardless of the genre. I do gravitate towards fantasy stories and young adult fiction more often than anything else but I’ve also enjoyed mysteries, slightly naughty romance stories, dystopians, and books with historical settings and that’s just been in the last few months. But I’m also guilty of following trends, meaning that if I hear that a book is to be turned into a movie I will most likely read it.So that is why I picked up “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn a few months ago. Not only did I know it was going to be a movie but I had also seen it go out at the library again and again. And it looked like an interesting mystery series.

Now the gist of “Gone Girl” (for those that don’t already know) is that it starts with the disappearance of Amy Dunne. Soon enough evidence is found that suggests that she was killed by her husband Nick and the story is told through Nick’s point of view and through past diary entries of Amy’s. The good part was that the mystery really did keep me guessing and was fairly well thought through. What bothered me were the characters.Here is where I’m going to spoil everything for you so don’t read if you don’t want to know/don’t already know what happens.

When it comes to a book I need someone to root for. That person doesn’t necessarily have to be good but there has to be something redeemable about them. No one in this book is redeemable. Nick is a cheating twisted man boy. Amy, both in her so obviously faked diary entries (I thought they were suspicious even before I found out they were fake/planned because nobody would write diary entries like that unless they are meant to be read. I’m a writer and I didn’t even write entries like that back when I kept a diary) and when we actually see her return and hear her methods. She’s a psychopath and by the end of the book I literally hoped Nick and Amy would just end up killing each other.

And, even worse, there was no justice and no resolution. Months later I still don’t get it.


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