Short Stories

Toys #1

Prompt: During one magical night Alison’s toys come alive.

Alison’s mother had already tucked her into bed and turned out the light when the noises started.

The little girl shot straight up out of her bed and then froze. It sounded like someone, actually a bunch of someones, were walking around in her room. Only they sounded…tiny?

She slowly leaned over to flip on her bedside lamp and gasped at what the faint light illuminated. The first thing she saw was her teddy bear sliding off her bed and then she saw her dolls walking around their mansion.

Alison rubbed her eyes and then pinched herself (she had to be dreaming, right?) but everything was still moving around.

And then a pair of her dolls drove their pink convertible up next to her bed and shouted, “Let’s go shopping.” Before she could even think of anything to say they turned the wheel and sped off to the toy box in the corner, turning to her and gesturing for her to open the box.

Alison cautiously slid out of her bed and couldn’t help but laugh when her suddenly life-like puppy and kitten stuffed animals started woofing, meowing and clamoring to be held. So she sank down in the pile and played like she always had only this time she didn’t have to use her imagination to get everyone to talk and move.

The next morning Alison’s mother woke her up with a shake to the shoulder. “What are you doing on the floor, honey?”

The little girl rubbed her eyes and yawned, unsure of what to say. Had the night before really happened or had it just been a dream? And if it had happened should she tell her mom about it?

She was still hesitating when she looked up at her mom and saw her collectible Cinderella doll on the shelf behind her. The doll was not poised to dance as usual but had her finger to her lips as though she were “sshing” Alison.

Alison felt her smile grow wide. “My bed was awfully warm last night.”

“Well alright but next time at least grab a pillow and a blanket to lie on. I can’t imagine that was comfortable. Now get on up, it’s breakfast time.”

Alison went to follow her mother but stopped when she reached the door, turning to look at all of her toys. Every last one of them waved goodbye.


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