Short Stories


I’ve dabbled in blogging for a half a dozen years (ever since I was assigned to write one for a class). That original one hasn’t been touched pretty since the day the class ended but I have started three others. Yes, three!

Over on Blogger I have two. To Read or Not to Read? where I post reviews of books I’ve read and Writings and Musings where I write about my experiences as a struggling author, rant about never-ending book series that need to end already damn it, and books that have been turned into movies among other things. (Basically anything and everything book/writing related that is not a book review or an original fiction piece).

And in late 2014 I started up a Tumblr where I post short story fiction because I need to practice being more succinct in my writing.

But having so many different things going on on different sites is driving me crazy so I came up with the perfect idea to consolidate them all into one! And not only that but I found the perfect way to do that because, here on WordPress, there’s an option to do categories so over there on the right hand side is a drop down menu.

And this is how things will be arranged:

The Short Story category is pretty self explanatory. If you’ve read/want to read my fiction, you can find it there. To Read or Not to Read? is what you’ll want to click if you only want my book reviews while Writerly Musings will be where you’ll find the kind of random hodgepodge of other ideas. Or you can choose to read it all, I won’t complain.


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