Literary Musings

Reading Challenge 2015: February Thoughts

I, among may other readers, have chosen to take part in a reading challenge designed by Popsugar. I primarily chose this challenge out of the many others because it will force me to read things I don’t typically read but that are still within my comfort zone. Many challenges are too limiting, too specific and I don’t like that.

And it’s already helped broaden my horizons.

I only read for fun and the idea of reading non-fiction books didn’t sound fun, at least not until this year when I started researching what books I could use to fulfill the “non-fiction” book and “memoir” categories for the challenge. And I should have been smart enough to realize this, but non-fiction does not just mean the boring old textbooks that I’ve associated the word with for some time.

It’s only mid-February and I’ve not only read the non-fiction book and the memoir that were required of me but I enjoyed both books I chose. And I even made a list of other autobiographies, memoirs, and other non-fiction books that I’d like to eventually check out from the library. That’s a big change for a girl who hasn’t read non-fiction since textbooks assigned to me in the college I graduated from nearly five years ago.

So what am I getting at with this post? Well, that’s simple. It’s okay to read what you like (and one should never be ashamed of what they read) but it’s also good to at least try other genres every now and then. You never know when you might find something surprising.


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