To Read or Not to Read?

Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography by Neil Patrick Harris

As I posted in the Writerly Musings category earlier in the week, I usually don’t read non-fiction but then an interesting series of events happened. First: I decided to take part in a reading challenge that included a non-fiction category. Second: I found Neil Patrick Harris’s autobiography at the library where I am employed. I like Neil Patrick Harris (NPH from here on out). Third: I read NPH’s autobiography and enjoyed it.

Now I’ll admit that I’m not such a huge NPH fan that I’ve seen absolutely everything he’s been in but I would consider myself to be a fan. I loved the characters he’s most famous for (Doogie Howser and Barney Stinson), I’ve actually seen quite a few of his made for TV movies, and I think the family he’s created with husband David is beyond adorable (seriously, have you seen their themed Halloween costumes?) And in his autobiography he talks in depth about all of that in a very raw but fun way.

Fun because NPH has a wicked sense of humor and because he turned it into a “choose your own adventure” book with comments/directions at the end of each section. Even for me, who couldn’t stand to skip around because I wanted to read it chronologically and didn’t want to miss anything, I still found the idea charming and very unique.

In summary, NPH is awesome and did a fantastic job at writing an autobiography. And even more, he made me realize that even non-fiction books can make for good, fun reading. So if you like NPH at all, you should give this a try.


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