To Read or Not to Read?

Favorite Book of 2014

Scanning through my Goodreads account I can that, last year, I rated a handful of books with five stars. I still agree with most of those assessments but not all of them. Did a book really deserve a five star rating if now, a little less or a little more than a year later, I can barely remember anything about said book? Maybe not but I won’t be changing ratings after the fact unless I’ve re-read something.

But, what I will do is write about one of the best books I read in 2014, the one that I haven’t written about on this blog thus far. And that book would be Sunrise, the final book in the Ashfall trilogy by Mike Mullin.

Ashfall, Ashen Winter, and Sunrise cover the story of teenager Alex as he handles a changed America following the eruption of the Yellowstone volcano. In the first book he races to find his family and then he must figure out how to survive in a world where electronics no longer work, vehicles don’t run because of the ash in the air, and people struggle to find food and fresh water.

The final book in the trilogy, Sunrise, was the only one I had to wait for (I’d gotten the other two out of the library at the same time, before Sunrise was released). It was well worth the wait and it was especially powerful. It was gritty and raw and real. It showed the best of people and the worst of people in a way that seemed very realistic (I can only imagine that people really would turn to murder and cannibalism if such a catastrophe were to actually happen).

So if you’re a fan of disaster movies the Ashfall series is one to pick up and unlike some trilogies, the final book is not a letdown. Instead it’s just as good if not better than the previous installments.


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