Short Stories


Prompt: Regan wakes up with a super power. What does she do with it?

Regan’s first indicator that something was off was when she went to tap her alarm clock off and she crushed it to pieces instead. But she was already late and the clock had been old anyways and didn’t strange things happen all the time? so she ignored it.

And then she pulled the bedroom door of its hinges just by trying to open it. That was something she couldn’t ignore.

She didn’t even have time to process her situation before shouts echoed up and down the hall and Serena, who lived across the hall, walked through her door. Without. Opening. It.

“What the hell is going on?” Serena sputtered.

Regan shrugged. “Random superpowers. And property damage,” she said as she looked down the hall. A laser beam shot out of one room and burnt up a painting, narrowly missing another girl who was hovering near the ceiling.

“Are we all dreaming or dead or high?” Serena asked as she tried to lean against the wall in an attempt to look casual. It failed horribly when she started to slide through the wall.

Regan automatically reached out to steady her friend and nearly pulled her arm out of her socket. “Sorry.”

Serena looked at the forearm Regan had grabbed onto and winced at the bruise already forming. “Super strength, I take it?”

Regan nodded. “Now the only question is…who do we get to write and illustrate the comic book series based on us?”

“Better question, whose going to design our superhero costumes?” Serena giggled.

“Best question of them all-”

“How did this happen?” Serena interrupted.

Regan wrinkled her nose. “No, that’s not a big deal. It happened so we should just enjoy it for however wrong it lasts. The big question is whether we should be superheroes or super villains?”

A smile blossomed across Serena’s face. “I have just the thing to make two masks.”

Less than an hour later they sped out of the lot in a car Serena had slid into after stealing the keys from an empty dorm. Then they left campus far behind them.

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