To Read or Not to Read?

The Perfectionists by Sara Shepard

A little background information…I’ve been hooked on the show Pretty Little Liars (PLL) ever since it first aired on ABC Family. Sure it’s usually cheesy, silly and predictable but I like it. So of course I had to read the associated book series because isn’t the book always better? In this case, no.

So when I saw The Perfectionists at the library I wanted to check it out (ha ha…librarian pun right there) to see if Shepard had managed to make her characters more believable and her writing tighter. Once again, the answer is no.

The Perfectionists begins with an introduction that could have easily been placed in front of any of the PLL’s books. And the similarities didn’t stop there. Five private school girls plan the murder of a hot, manipulative kid from their class. He’s the person everyone loves to hate. And, when he’s murdered, the five girls are the number one suspects especially when he’s murdered in the way they planned. The catch? They didn’t do it.

So in the quest to proclaim their innocence what do they do? Everything wrong. They lie, they break into houses and they don’t try hard to hide it. For being private school kids raised to be perfect they are anything but.

(And, like in the PLL series, there is so much vapid name dropping. So and so wore a Donna Karan dress, this other girl carried a Kate Spade bag. So incredibly annoying. )

Basically I’m saying The Perfectionists is a quick and easy read, it’s not very thought provoking and, if you’ve read PLL, nothing new. But as long as there really is only one more book in the series and not ten or more, I will stick with it to figure out who the real murderer is.



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