Literary Musings


Last month, via Twitter, I alerted my followers to a strange coincidence. Both books I was reading at the time featured artistically inclined female protagonists. Strange, huh?

But now it’s happened to an even stronger degree. A little background information. I always have two books I’m reading at a time, one during work breaks and mealtimes and another while I’m in bed at night. Earlier this week I was reading Tear You Apart by Sarah Cross and Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins.

Now for the similarities. In the first few chapters of Demonglass the main character is thrown into a lake and, in the first few chapters of Tear You Apart, the main character is tossed into a well. And both have a lesbian side character with a pink streak in her hair. Crazy, huh?

(And to add to the craziness…on Tuesday I decided that my next short story would answer the prompt ‘what if Anne Boleyn really had been a witch’ and on Wednesday there was a paragraph in Demonglass that referenced Anne being a witch).

Now, do the similarities detract from my enjoyment? Not at all. It happens all the time. Likely because of the old saying that there are only seven basic plots in literature, a saying that I definitely believe. There are so many stories published that anything/everything will have elements of something else.

What’s important is how it’s put together. And despite the similarities in the books mentioned above they are both interesting, well crafted and otherwise different.


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