Short Stories

Never Mess With a Witch

Prompt: What would have happened if Anne Boleyn really had been a witch

Anne stared out the window, her mind racing when her hands were supposed to be busy finishing the embroidery on yet another tapestry.

“You should not fret about your husband, my queen,” one of her ladies-in-waiting murmured. “The King is a fine horseman and will surely win the tournament.”

Anne smiled as everyone else in the room agreed with the woman’s sentiments.

But they were wrong and Anne knew it for she had a plan of her own.

She had only been meant to tempt Henry VIII. It was an old story and she’d played her part well only she’d let it go to far.

The fairy, the witch at the crossroads was only meant to test the prince. See if he was kindhearted or concerned only with appearances. At first he’d been both and she’d fancied herself in love with him and now here she was, the pregnant queen to a king that should have been punished long before.

So punish him she would. It was in her power to do so still.

It was easy enough to tie the thread in her hands to her husband’s life force and to the life of the horse he was riding.

One stitch and Henry was thrown from the horse.

Two and the horse fell on top of the king.

With the third she set the infection which would eventually claim the king’s life. Oh he wouldn’t die right away. He’d linger long enough to see the birth of the babe she carried.

This time the beautiful enchantress, the fairy witch who tested and met out punishments to royals, wouldn’t just fade out of the story.

No, she would be the mother of a king. A king who would share her powers and rule for years to come.


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