Literary Musings

Editing Trouble

I love writing. I enjoy editing the works of others. I absolutely hate editing my own work.

It’s not that I think my writing is flawless, I know it’s not. And it’s not that I like mistakes in my work because I don’t. But editing is my least favorite part of the process. It’s part of the reason why I haven’t actually been seeking agents/publishers for my novels. I keep writing new stuff and balking on editing the old.

Part of my problem? It’s like I feel the first novel I ever finished needs to be the one I promote first. That novel is not horrible but I did start writing it when I was twelve. It’s very possible it needs an entire overhaul and rewrite instead of just edits with a red pen. But it’s my baby, and for now, I can’t move on until I try and edit it at least once more. (Though I have a feeling no matter how many times I look at it, I’ll never deem it ‘perfect.’)

On the other hand I have very little trouble editing my blog posts and fanfiction. And I’m not one for writing anything low quality if I can help it so I haven’t figured out where exactly my editor’s block lies.

So is my first novel crap? Is the reason I can edit blog posts and fancition so easily because they start out as better quality writing?

Or am I just not worried about total perfection because I’m not trying to sell my online writing whereas I obviously want to publish and sell the novels?

Honestly, I still don’t know. But either way, I have a new goal. Finish the latest edit of my first novel and then try editing a more recent one. Maybe that will give me an indicator of why I struggle with editing.


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