To Read or Not to Read?

Hex Hall Trilogy by Rachel Hawkins

I’m a sucker for young adult fantasy series. Harry Potter, Gemma Doyle, Daughter of Smoke and Bone…I’ve read them all and enjoyed them all. So once I was able to get my hands on all three books in the Hex Hall trilogy, I snapped it up.

At first Hex Hall, the first book in the series, read like  simple ‘boarding school full of supernatural creatures’ kind of story. And yes that was the bare bones of it all but by the end of the last book it was so much more.

The main character is introduced as a witch with uncontrollable powers. Her name is Sophie Mercer. Her roommate at school is a lesbian vampire with a pink streak of hair And there are two warlocks named Archer and Cal who eventually end up vying for Sophie’s affections. (Archer is a more insta-love type situation while Cal comes more fully into the picture during book two). All of them have emotional pasts and unique personality traits.

There was magic and love and a kick ass female lead who still kicked ass even after her magic was taken away from her during book two. Many characters true faces, are they heroes or villains?, weren’t revealed until the last minute and yet they were still believable. There was humor and fun, mystery and discovery.

Overall I really liked the series. Hex Hall was a cute introduction, Demonglass wasn’t quite as good but was still interesting and Spell Bound was amazing because it answered so many questions in lots of surprising ways. (Sophie’s family gets very complicated).

But the series was a little on the cutesy side. Definitely an easy read so if that’s your cup of tea then definitely give it a try. And if you ever figure out why there’s a black cat on all the covers let me know. There are no pet cats in the series and Sophie is allergic to cats so the cover cat is a mystery to me.


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