To Read or Not to Read?

The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black

The Darkest Part of the Forest is set in Fairfold, a town where fairies and humans coexist though not always peacefully. There are hags, changelings and a faery prince who has been fast asleep in a glass coffin in the middle of the forest for decades.

Enter siblings Hazel and Ben. Ben has the faery given gift of music, a gift her struggles to control. Hazel is ordinary, or so she thinks, even though when she was younger she enjoyed playing as a knight.

Then all hell breaks loose when the faery wakes up because so does something else, another monster from deep in the forest.

I loved the magic and the characters. Hazel pushed everyone away but she has her reasons. Ben fears his music but he also has his reasons. Faery prince Severin is a bit of an ass but he’s honest and changeling Jack is lost between worlds. And the odd almost love square but not really made for interesting dynamics with both Hazel and Ben stuck between Jack and Severin.

The world Holly Black built was interesting and vivid. I loved how the townsfolk respected traditions and believed in the magic but didn’t at the same time. I can imagine humans reacting the same way if a town like Fairfold were real. And oh the surprises! They were well done, believable and yet not what I was expecting.

So if you like faeries, mysteries, and well written fleshed out books then you should certainly give this a try.


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