Short Stories

The Triangle

Prompt: The origin of the Bermuda Triangle

Once upon a time there were three mermaids, daughters of Poseidon, and they made a bet. A bet to find true love.

So they left their underwater home in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and swam as far as they could in two days time. Darya swam towards the place the humans called Bermuda. Maris swam towards Miami and Nerida to Puerto Rico.

Each of the sisters found a sailor who, within hours of meeting their mermaid, pledged hid undying love to her. They even sealed the deals with kisses and tokens of their affections before Darya, Maris, and Nerida returned to their homes to announce their happy news.

They each went to bed that night happy in the knowledge that they had all won the bet.

But the next morning they realized had, in all actuality, lost everything for their chosen loves weren’t honorable sailors. They were pirates who had given the girls enchanted tokens. And the mermaids had been followed home.

Poseidon didn’t return from Olympus until it was too late. Most of his mermaids, too curious when ships passed overhead, had already been killed or taken by the pirates. At least that’s what the dolphins told him.

Believing his mammalian friends, Poseidon called upon his brothers Zeus and Hades for help. Together they used the air, the water and the fumes from cracks in the deep parts of the earth to sink the pirates’ ships. Each ship broke apart at the exact place where the pirates had promised themselves to their respective mermaids.

The powers Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades released to avenge the mermaids were so strong that they continued to affect the area for thousands of years.


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