Literary Musings


Fun fact about me: approximately 98% of what you see posted on this blog was handwritten first. Cursive, print, neat, messy…that part changes depending on my mood. What doesn’t change is the fact that I think better when pen/pencil is scratching across paper.

Now I’m not sure where exactly this preference stems from but I can tell you one thing, it’s pretty darn useful. Now here’s why.

When I type up something that’s been handwritten I don’t just type it word for word without paying attention to the words. Nope. I edit as I go. And when it comes to short term projects (school papers, blog posts, one shot fan fics) when I’ve written everything recently and it’s still fresh in my mind, that’s usually about all the editing I feel it needs.

(Novels are a whole other story. Probably because I have over a hundred handwritten pages done before I type. Hard to edit along the way when it’s been weeks or moths since I’ve seen the early chapters. More editing is definitely needed in that case, for consistency issues at least.)

And it’s not because I get too distracted by the internet though I will admit that does happen on occasion. And it’s not that I’m a bad typist because I’m not.

So I don’t know why but, if given the choice, I’d rather have a pen and paper thank you very much.


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