Literary Musings

On Old and New, Books and Kindles

I love old books. One of my favorite class related memories from Ohio Northern University is the day we spent a whole class in the Rare Books room at the university library. I loved seeing the hand painted decorate borders and calligraphy. I also love the smell of old, and new, books. (As long as they’re in good condition. Dirty and moldy is not a good smell).

Even though I like older books I hate those uneven “deckled” pages which, you know, are kind of an old book thing. I just find it so hard to turn the pages and, if your bookmark falls out or off to the side, it’s nearly impossible to quickly flip through and find your spot!

What I do know for sure is that, one day, I will have a library of my own and not just the two sad bookcases I have now.

But I will admit that I also love my Kindle. I love the accessibility and portability and the fact that I don’t need to do arm exercises before I read a book with five hundred or more pages. I like how easy it is to gently toss it in my bag when I go on a trip and still have plenty of reading options if I finish a book and need a new one.

So old new, paper, or Kindle I love them all, and if the story is good enough, I suppose I can ignore how annoying the deckled edges can be. And even though eBooks are useful I just hope publishers continue to release publications in both print and electronic books because sometimes you just need to hold a real book.


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