Short Stories


Prompt: Why is the Evil Queen so evil?

Midnight rushed through the house on slippered feet. She had to get to the kitchens and get breakfast prepared before her father awoke or else. She didn’t know exactly what the “or else” meant but so far she hadn’t found out. Nor did she want to.

Unfortunately she was a mite too late and her father was halfway through his second flagon of mead when she brought the platter of food to the table.

“Stand here girl!” he commanded before she could scamper away.

Midnight did as she was told though she absolutely did not want to. Where he indicated she should stand was within striking distance.

He stared at her as he shoveled food in his mouth, as he swallowed down the last of his mead and then belched in her face. Then he finally spoke.

“Your mother was so beautiful,” he murmured, his beady eyes all bleary with drink. “So I’ve no clue why you’re ugly as sin. No man shall ever want to marry you.”

Midnight didn’t cry or urn away at the insult but her heart did harden. And later that night when she summoned a demon from a book she gladly offered up her heart in exchange for beauty.

She’d show her father.

It wasn’t until years later as she watched her stepdaughter fall to the floor, the poisoned apple still in her hand, that she realized her mistake.

Becoming beautiful, snaring and marrying a king, persecuting Snow White for her good looks and the love of her father…none of it had been worth it.

Regardless of what her own father had said about her the only real revenge would have been to leave him because she’d found true love, the most powerful magic of all.

So Midnight did what she had to do. She pulled the apple out of Snow White’s hand and took a bite.


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