To Read or Not to Read?

The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley

I’ve had The Winter Sea on my Kindle for months, years maybe? It’s not that I never wanted to read it, it’s just that other books have gotten in the way. That seems to happen. A lot.

But then I learned, via a coworker, that Susanna Kearsley would be in Ohio this month so I finally pulled up The Winter Sea in preparation to see her. Plans ended up falling through but I finished the book anyways and I’m glad that I did.

The Winter Sea is the perfect combination of historical fiction and modernity with a hint of the supernatural. How, you might ask?

The modern base of the writer features Carrie McClelland who wants to write a historical novel about French/Scottish Jacobites working to restore exiled King James to the throne. She chooses to base her story around her ancestor Sophia who would have been alive at the time though Carrie believes she was far away from the action.

Now for the supernatural.

As Carrie writes from her heroines perspective she ends up with details that really happened. It seems as though Sophia really had been where Carrie has placed her in the story and somehow Carrie knows what happened to her, word for her word even.

The weaving of the past and present was done flawlessly. I liked that not everything was revealed right away and that Carried didn’t even know the secrets until she’d wrote them. It was beautifully done and I will definitely read more from Kearsley.


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