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Book Riot YA and Rory’s Story Cubes

I’ve been tempted by Book Riot’s Quarterly Box every time I’ve seen it mentioned but it wasn’t until they introduced the YA version that I broke down. Since I’m still in a transitional period of life (living with my parents and saving up money to finally get married/move out) YA just calls to me. Who wants to read about well adjusted grown ups? (I do. Sometimes. Honesty I’ll pretty much read anything but, since I write YA, I read a lot of it).

So I received my first box, a lovely collection of books and fun things for readers, and loved it though I may not be able to afford the luxury once I have house bills to pay. But for now I will enjoy my two new books, my Novel Teas tea bags (so cute), my “today I’m reading…” mug (ingenious!), and Rory’s Story Cubes.

Now the Story Cubes are going to become an important part of this blog.

For those of you who don’t know (I didn’t, at first) Rory’s Story Cubes are dice with pictures on them meant to b e used to help storytelling and creativity. They can be used for ice breaker games, in class rooms, with groups and alone. I’m going to use them for short story writing prompts for my blog.

I’ll mention up front when it’s a Story Cube prompt along with how many dice I rolled and what the images were. Then I’ll write a short story about it. Later this week I’ll post “Story Cubes #1: Hand. Keyhole. Cane.”


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