Short Stories

Story Cubes #1: Hand. Key Hole. Cane

Prompt: Three Rory’s Story Cubes dice roll. Hand. Key hole. Cane.

Charlie raced down the hall, his heart pounding. He had to reach the secret room before Malcolm did or the world as everyone knew it would be over. Literally. Hard to do with a bum knee, a limp and a cane but he had to try.

He’d solved the last riddle and discovered that, while the secret room did contain a Fountain of Youth potion, it was not an elixir that would reverse the signs of aging like they’d all hoped for. No, it was a gas that would just kill all the adults once it permeated the air. Everyone would be youthful but only because they’d die young.

And Malcolm didn’t know.

“Whoever designed this was a damned idiot,” Charlie mumbled as he turned yet another corner in the underground maze. It wouldn’t be quite a race if Charlie had the only key like he’d thought earlier but he didn’t.

He turned the corner and looked up only to see Malcolm rushing from the other direction. Thanks to Charlie’s limp he’d surely get there first and he already had the key in his hand.

Charlie nearly groaned in defeat when Malcolm’s hand neared the keyhole but then he realized all hope was not lost. He swung his cane out and smacked Malcolm’s hand away with the polished wood. Bones shattered and Malcolm grunted in pain.

The world would be safe for another day.



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