Short Stories


Prompt: What would have happened if Juliet and Romeo had both faked their deaths?

Romeo stared at Juliet’s still body. Even though he knew she was not really dead the sight still hurt his heart.

“I pray to the heavens that this works,” he whispered as he pulled a vial out from where he’d tucked it into his doublet. It was full of the same potion Juliet had used. He was to drink it and then Friar Laurence would bring their families in to see what their prejudices had wrought.

He swallowed the potion and felt his body stiffen so much that he could not aim his fall. He landed with his head on his wife’s shoulder. His eyes were open and unblinking but he was still aware of everything around him, even the sound of Paris carefully pulling himself up from where Romeo had knocked him down.

Paris gasped, presumably when he saw the Montague heir draped over the Capulet’s darling daughter. And then he rushed out of the crypt.

Minutes later Paris returned with Friar Laurence and the other members of the Montague and Capulet families.

Then Friar Laurence told the families what had led to the two dead heirs. gasps escaped from the women when he spoke of the marriage ceremony he had performed.

The gasps were soon followed by cries of relief when the Friar revealed the most recent secret he’d kept for the couple.

“Our children are alive?” Lady Capulet whispered. She stepped forward and gently brushed her hand against her daughter’s hand. And then she did the same to Romeo.

“Perhaps we should reconsider our feud once they have awakened.”

Everyone else turned to look at Lord Montague.

“We have already suffered so much loss. Must it continue?”

Lady Capulet approached her husband and laid her hand on his arm. “I will not lose my daughter. Not again.”

Lord Capulet nodded just as Juliet began to stir.


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