Literary Musings

Casting the Bookworm

Type casting: when an actor/actress plays a role well and then is forever offered only similar roles.

I see where this could be irritating. Acting should be fun and you should get a chance to try different things because isn’t that the mark of a good actor? To be a believable womanizing asshole in one movie/show and a believable sensitive nerd in the next?

But when an actress plays your favorite book character and embodies her so well you can’t help but want her to play a similar character again.

Which brings us to Emma Watson, a smart, beautiful and talented actress who perfectly embodied the studious and strong Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series. I’ll be forever grateful that Warner Brothers cast such a perfect actress to play my favorite book character. Because Hermione is my favorite. What book loving brunette with frizzy hair wouldn’t appreciate another frizzy haired bookworm?

And that’s also why I am extremely happy that they’ve chose Emma Watson to star as another of my favorite female bookworms: Belle in a live action version of Beauty and the Beast. I’m so glad that Emma didn’t turn them down just because, at the heart of the characters, Hermione and Belle are similar.

For me, there’s no better actress to play the most bookish princess of them all.

Bookworms unite!


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