Short Stories

Nursery Rhymes #4: London Bridge

Prompt: A group of kids are showcasing their jump rope skills on the London Bridge walking path when a tragedy happens.

“And we’re live in three, two, one.”

Alison Watson smiled into the camera even though they were so far away from the action that anyone who saw the broadcast would hardly know what was going on if she didn’t tell them.

“Just minutes ago we were alerted to what looks like a flash mob on the foot paths of the London Bridge. Only they aren’t just dancing, they are jumping rope!”

She gestured to the side and the camera man attempted to zoom in on the scene. Alison couldn’t see the broadcast herself but knew the view had to be terrible. They were farther away than any of the other news stations. Anyone interested would have likely already changed the channel, looking for a better view.

“As you can see the bridge is full of participants and spectators. So much that this is the closest we could get to the action.”

She was about to call it quits since they weren’t event  on the bridge and the producer back at the station likely wasn’t paying any damn attention anyways when the earth shook beneath her feet.

Alison and many others near her fell on their knees as a horrible bone deep boom thundered.

It seemed like hours passed before she could stand up again and it took even longer for her hearing to return. “What the hell was that?” she cried before realizing she was still on the air.

Her camera man’s mouth had dropped in horror and he pointed over her shoulder. Her hands trembled but he continued to film.

Alison looked and all composure fled. She knew she was white as a sheet when she pulled the microphone up to her mouth and turned back to the camera.

“Viewers, I don’t know how or why but the London Bridge has just fallen down.”


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