Literary Musings · To Read or Not to Read?

The Movie Was Better

The book is better than the movie.

Well, almost always.

In the case of The Princess Bride I will choose the movie every time.

I discovered the movie by accident one summer while I was in high school. I think some channel like ABC Family was having a Cary Elwes day with Robin Hood: Men in Tights followed by The Princess Bride. I ended up watching and enjoying both.

(Which only made sense The Princess Bride. Action! Romance! Pirates and princesses! Rodents of Unusual Size! What more could one ask for?)

So I when I learned that the movie was also a book by William Goldman I quickly ordered it from Amazon. I don’t remember how much it cost me but I’m hoping it wasn’t much because I hated it. Sure the bare bones of what I’d seen in the movie were there but they were covered up by so much extra crap.

The problem? Goldman presents the book as an abridged version of a book written by the invented S. Morgernstern. Goldman also adds his own commentary about his also fictional personal life. And the commentary goes on. And on. And on. It was boring and unnecessary and it interrupted the flow of the real story. I did not like the book at all.

So while “the book is always better” is usually right I know there can be exceptions to the rule.



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