Short Stories

Story Cubes #2

Prompt: Rory’s Story Cubes three dice roll. Teepee. Arrow. Earth.

Lacey waited until the other archaeologists had their backs turned and then she removed her gloves and dug her hands deep into the soil. She felt the connection immediately.

It was like Earth was wrapped in a collection of interwoven threads and when her hands were in the dirt she was connected to them as well. And she learned things, things she shouldn’t be able to learn just from a simple touch.

She surreptitiously cleaned her hands and shoved her gloves back on. “Let’s try quadrant D,” she announced once she had everyone’s attention.

“How are you always so lucky?” Change griped when just hours later they uncovered a stockpile of arrowheads.

Lacey just smiled and shrugged. it wasn’t like she could explain her powers. And really, why should he complain? They’d actually end up making more money if she sped the team through excavations.

She turned to the rest of the site and shielded her eyes. “And I have a feeling the dwellings were near quadrant C.”

Chase looked where she was looking. “What, do you see a teepee or something?”

Lacey knew he was just being sarcastic so she ignored the comment. “Let’s go.”


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