To Read or Not to Read?

You Can Trust Me by Sophie McKenzie

Every so often I like a good mystery. You Can Trust Me by Sophie McKenzie is not a good mystery. I mean sure I didn’t guess who the murderer was before it was actually revealed so that was good. But what I really need in a good mystery is for the person attempting to solve it to actually be smart about what he/she’s doing. You don’t have to be Sherlock but you at least have to have common sense.

So here’s the set up. Eighteen years before the book starts Livy’s sister Kara was brutally murdered and the killer never found. Then, in the present, Livy’s friend Julia is found dead in what the cops decide is a suicide. But Livy doesn’t believe that, especially when Julia’s boyfriend makes it clear that he also thinks there was foul play.

Now the suspense factor was fairly well done. The sections from the murderer’s perspective made it clear that he was a psychopath and everyone seemed suspicious from Julia’s boyfriend and family to Livy’s husband who had a history of cheating and lying.

What didn’t work for me were Livy’s internal monologues. She constantly jumped to wrong conclusions, prefacing her thoughts with “obviously this led me to think this.” Nope, nobody would have jumped to that conclusion first unless they were an idiot. Livy was an idiot.

All in all You Can Trust Me was not horrible but the main character definitely needed some work in order for this to be a book I’d recommend.


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