To Read or Not to Read?

Lovely Wild by Megan Hart

Note: I received a free copy of Lovely Wild from NetGalley (a long long time ago) in exchange for an honest review.

Lovely Wild is the story of Mari Calder who, when she was young, lived as a feral child with little care, supervision, education, or verbal communication. The adult Mari is fairly “normal” with a husband and two kids but struggles in social situations and other forms of communication.

But things change when her husband moves the family back to Mari’s childhood home with the plan to write a book on her rehabilitation. He has all the information to do so because Ryan’s dad had not been one of Mari’s psychologists but he’d also adopted her.

Throw in Ryan’s judgmental and jealous mother and Mari’s mysterious fairy prince (a boy who had helped her when she was younger) and you have all sorts of problems and tension.

My main complaints were with the point of view which shifted based on the narrator, Mari, Ryan, and their daughter. All third person but sometimes past or present tense. And I also hated Ryan and what we learned of his father. They were both horribly unethical and should have lost their medical licenses and yet his ending was unsatisfying.

All in all Lovely Wild was at least interesting enough that I finished it in a timely manner but I would not recommend it.


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