Short Stories


Prompt: After a hot shower the character notices a message on the steamy mirror. (Prompt courtesy of Ryan Andrew Kinder, author of 101 Horror Writing Prompts).

Julia hummed through her shower, glad for the time alone. Of course she loved her husband and their kids but sometimes she just wanted to pamper herself.

She stood under the shower head until the warn water started to cool. It never seemed like the water stayed hot for long enough, not when she actually had time to enjoy.

She sighed and flipped the faucet off then reached out to grab her towel without looking only she couldn’t reach it. She looked out of the stall to see that the door with its towel rack was standing wide open.

A chill raced up her spine even though the bathroom was still steamy.

“Paul? Jaycie? Payton?” she called out, wondering if somehow her family had snuck into the house without her hearing them.

And then she saw the mirror.

“Save the children” had appeared in the condensation.

“Kids, this isn’t funny!” Julia cried, assuming the words were a prank. But then she realized that whoever had written the words to to be taller than either of her children. And their step stool was not in the room.

Heart pounding she reached out and pulled her towel off the hook. Then she raced through the house, nearly slipping around the corner. But no one was home.

Finally she found her cell phone which was blinking with a missed call and voice mail from over an hour earlier. She was so panicked that she messed up her password twice.

“Hey Jules, it’s Paul. I’ll be stuck at work until late and won’t make it home for dinner so don’t worry about waiting on me. Love you! Bye.”

Julie dropped her phone. If her husband was still at work then who had picked her children up from school and taken them out to dinner like the note on the counter had said? And who had wrote the note on the bathroom mirror?

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