Literary Musings

Book Interpreter

Book lovers across the world know the pain it is to see a TV show or movie butcher the book it’s based on and it always makes me wonder, how can an author let that happen? I know that a lot of times the production companies buy the rights and so they can legally change whatever they want but why? When I read a book and like it that’s what I want to see when I go to watch the associated book or movie, not the director’s interpretation.

So how to fix that? Committees of “book interpreters” who read the book and discuss it with production companies and authors. And yes I know that sometimes a change has to be made for some reason for another (time, expense, because magic isn’t real, etc.) But if you had a group of people discussing the changes and the important issues then it would certainly be better . No more of this crap where the movie changes everything for what seems like no reason.

Either way there would be far less outrage if they took book fan considerations into a production. Sure you can’t please everyone but at least then we wouldn’t have movies messing up the important things.

And if anyone decides to hire book interpreters then please contact me!



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