Short Stories

The Game

Prompt: Rory’s Story Cubes, three dice roll. Alien. Earth. Die.

“Mars today?” N’Lear asked his sisters as he shook the bag of dice.

Ja’Lesha and Ce’Meeda took their places at the gaming table. “Mars is boring,” Ja’Lesha complained. “The population is too small to really be fun and we just played for it last month.”

“So what do you suggest?” N’Lear asked.

Ce’Meeda grinned. “Earth.”

Ja’Lesha grinned back. “But who will play for them? I certainly will not,” she sneered.

“I will play for them this time,” N’Lear sighed.

“If I win there will be a hurricane in the United States,” Ja’Lesha decided.

“If I win there will be an earthquake in Japan,” Ce’Meeda declared.

N’Lear nodded and with a wave of his hand he directed the satellites outside the spaceship so that they could get news feed from Earth’s news. Then he grinned as he looked at the gaming table. The rules stated that someone had to play for the planet but that didn’t mean he couldn’t make it easier for his sisters to win.

“And if I win they are safe for another day,” N’Lear said.

They each chose a die and rolled.


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