Literary Musings

Dream Journals

I don’t know if it’s because I’m an avid reader and writer of fantasy fiction, i.e. super creative with a touch of “head in the clouds”, but I have very vivid dreams. Not all the time and I don’t always remember the details but sometimes I remember everything. And by everything I mean what seems like hours and hours of detailed imagery.

This is especially odd when I have reoccurring dreams.

So when I saw a blog post with a suggestion to write down dreams on the off chance that a dream might lead to a novel or a short story idea, I wondered something. Why the hell haven’t I been doing that? I mean, I’ve already posted a fanfiction based on a dream so clearly my sleeping thoughts are good for something.

But thinking of my dreams make me curious. Sometimes I am very aware in my dreams to the point that I can stop what’s going on, rewind it and start a “scene” over. And it really freaks me out that I can dream something like that and then wake up remembering both the first dream and the do-over.

Weird dreams aside, I do regret that I haven’t always been writing them down and that I usually don’t have time to write down the really cool ones. They could make an awesome novel or short story someday.


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