Short Stories

The Library

Prompt: The library is haunted by book characters who finally get to live out their lives how they want to.

The librarians clocked out for the day and locked the building up tight. And then everything came alive.

The younger characters poured out of the books first, more trusting and energetic than the older ones. The kids from “The Cat in the Hat” chased Alice as she ran after the White Rabbit.

Then the teenagers. Katniss Everdeen and Hermione Granger linked arms and rushed off to share secrets. After many nights of discussions Hermione had come to the realization that Katniss had known from the beginning, the reason why the Harry Potter crew emerged from before the epilogue. No one liked their epilogue.

Katniss smiled over at where Prim played with the baby while Finnick and Annie looked on. It was nice to control the outcome sometimes.

Hermione smiled and rushed off to find Fred Weasley and Katniss returned to Peeta.

The elders of the stories like Gandalf and Dumbledore emerged much later. But even though they were old and dead throughout quite a bit of their books they knew how to enjoy themselves.

And everyone from Sherlock to Damian Salvatore sighed when the clock struck “that” time and they all had to return to their books.

But it wasn’t too bad because no matter what happened during the course of a book,  death or dismemberment, the characters would return alive and whole after the library closed.



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