Library Life

Summer Reading Program

If you don’t already know, I work at a library and though I don’t have a degree I would classify myself as a librarian. (I am not going to get into whether or not that classification is acceptable, at least not in this post). And along with my other duties I’ve been given another position, Adult Programming. This means I get to be even more involved with the Summer Reading Program (SRP) than usual.

The library I work at takes part in the nation wide Collaborative Summer Library Program where states work together to provide public libraries with reading program materials. This year the overall theme is superheroes with special slogans and graphics for kids, teens and adults.

Now that I’m in charge of Adult Programming that means I am all sorts of involved with the SRP. Not only will I occasionally be helping the Youth Services Librarian with the kids but I’m getting adults involved as well. A difficult prospective in a place where adult attendance at programs is usually low.

The solution? Passive programming. I’ll get materials together for a Bingo reading game and all patrons will need to do is pick those up, read and fill the cards out, and return them to the library. No specific meeting times.

Here’s to hoping I can get people reading this summer! Over twenty adults are already signed up and I’m hoping for more.


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