To Read or Not to Read?

Rook by Sharon Cameron

In the not too distant future the Red Rook, a vigilante, fights to right the wrongs being perpetrated in the Sunken City (formerly known as Paris). The poles have shifted, disrupting technology and pushing everyone into a Dark Age with no running water, electricity or technology. and the people in charge of the city are not afraid to fill the prisons and execute prisoners.

Then there are our main point of view characters, Sophia Bellamy, her fiance Rene Hasard, and her friends and family. Sophia and Rene’s relationship is especially rocky because they are both hiding very important things.

Rook was intriguing enough that I pushed through the somewhat slow beginning and I was glad that I did. I liked the characters, from the kick ass Sophia to the insane antagonist LeBlanc. And I liked that, at any given time, I had no idea who to trust.

And the flow of the book was interesting. A section on Sophia would end with a certain word or phrase and then be picked up again in the next section which was about Rene (who had no idea what Sophia was up to). It was an interesting way to link passages.

All in all Rook was a good read with intriguing characters and fun mysteries. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys historical fiction, dystopian novels, or general Young Adult books.


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