Short Stories

The Quiet One

Prompt: Rory’s Story Cubes, enchanted pack. Three dice roll. Dwarf. Old crone. Hypnosis.

After the second attempt, or was it the third?, the Evil Queen admitted that she needed a new plan.

So she pulled another book off the shelf.

“Hypnosis: A Guide for Evildoers” the title read. A straightforward title. The Evil Queen liked that.

She read through the guidebook very quickly and then slammed it closed. Apparently it was easier to hypnotize someone with a weaker will, a more trusting mind.

The Queen knew just the person.


She got him away from the others with the easiest of distractions, a wounded rabbit that hopped across the path right in front of him. He chased right after it.

“Hello Dopey,” the Queen crooned. her voice was light and sweet to match the Snow White guise she was wearing.

The naive little dwarf looked concerned until she handed him a bouquet of pretty flowers.

“Can you take these back to the cottage for me, Dopey? I’ll meet you there.”

He hesitated and she pulled a shiny necklace out of her basket and then dangled it in front of his face.

The hypnosis didn’t take long. His eyes glazed over and when she repeated her question he happily complied, not realizing he was carrying certain death to his new favorite person.


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