Literary Musings

Writing Gone Wild

Sometimes a writing idea strikes me and I can focus on nothing but that one writing project. While nice in a way, it usually means I will write like a fiend, it also makes it difficult when you need/want to keep up with your writing blog.

Such inspiration has struck not once but twice in the past few weeks. First it was a Harry Potter/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover fanfiction (which, if you tweak the timelines a little bit can actually work very well) that is still incomplete after twenty handwritten pages. It was easy going at first.

And then the superhero themed Summer Reading Program started and idea number two hit. I went from Harry Potter and Buffy to Avengers in three seconds flat.

So I actually wrote an entire fanfiction, the Avengers one, in just four days while the first idea is still ongoing. I have an outline of course but now I need to find that inspiration again.

That’s always struck me as odd, how inspiration can strike and how long it sticks around. It’s nice when it lasts throughout an entire project but it doesn’t always work that way. Writing can be wild.


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